A Bit About Keith

Black and white photograph of Fashion Photographer Keith Moss

Keith Moss is a  Professional Fashion Photographer, he has over twenty years experience as a Professional Fashion Photographer.

Over the years Keith has worked with many Fashion Houses, Catalogue Companies, Retail outlets and Independent Boutiques. More recently Keith has been collaborating with Cosmopolitans Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year Kate Fearnley who is a Middlesbrough based Fashion Designer. Keith’s style is sought after as he creates classic images with a raw edge.

Keith Moss is a highly regarded Fashion and Fine Art Photographer based in the North East. He has worked all over Europe and collaborates with some of the largest, most prestigious photography companies in the world. He stays true to his northern roots often conducting Fashion workshops for Teesside University.

Keith works with a talented team of industry experts including his assistant and Fashion Stylist Claire Ledder. Makeup Artist Natalie Crawford, Hair Stylist Hayley Winspear and Post Production Expert Pat Moss.

Keith has had many opportunities to move with his work but loves the North East and believes in supporting a part of the country he is proud to call his home


Keith Moss has been a Professional Photographer for over 20 years. Since his first experience with his father’s Pentax ME Super camera at the age of thirteen Keith’s passion for photography blossomed into a hobby. Because of high demand for Keith’s talent, due to the way Keith caught depth and emotion in his subjects, his hobby quickly turned into a career. Keith has always been passionate about black and white photography, it’s what feeds his soul and it’s his way of communicating. He first started exhibiting ten years ago and subsequently exhibited all over Europe and the World. Art enthusiasts and buyers alike collect his Fine Art Photography and often commission Keith to do “One Off” pieces.

How Keith Works

Keith enjoys all areas of Photography, the fact that one day he can be on a Fashion Shoot and the next in an industrial unit is what keeps him on his toes!

Keith gives clients complete control over their Photography requirements. Shooting on a Mamiya 645 AFD II with a Phase 1 P21+ Digital Back connected to an Apple Mac ensures the client can see the image on screen the second it is shot. There is no need for clients to wait for images as a disc can be given half hour after the shoot is completed.

Due to the fact that Keith and his team work with Ad and Design Agencies they understand the importance of producing the highest quality images showcasing any products or services in the best light. Keith selects the right colour space that is applicable for the output which insures the accuracy of colour saturation and tonal value ensuring what is seen on the monitor is replicated for all your output needs.

Keith’s approach to photography is simple. He understands the clients brief, sticks to it, produces amazing work, excellent customer service and above all does it for a price which ensures once a client is gained they’re never lost. This is why after 20 years Keith is still working with companies who commissioned him back in the early days when his hair was long and brown!!!

Ask one of the team if you have any future requirements and we will explain in more detail how we work.

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