Keith Moss and his Fashion Team and Kate Fearnley conduct Fashion Workshop at Teesside University, To read the article in this Months living Magazene click on the link below!!!!!!

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Led by former Vogue and Wella photographer Keith and internationally acclaimed fashion designer Kate, this workshop is ideal for anyone who is wishing to establish themselves as a fashion photographer.

Fashion photography may be one of the most exciting industries to work in, but it’s a highly competitive one that can be extremely difficult to get into.

So, how does an aspiring photographer break in to the industry and when they get there, what is their role and what are they expected to do?

Who else will they work with and how does he/she interact with the many models, stylists and make-up artists who are all essential parts of the process? How do they go about recruiting these people in the first place?

Finally, how does the fashion photographer achieve the expectations of the fashion designer while appealing to the tastes of the designer’s audience? And how do they ensure that the image that appears on the billboard or in the magazine looks like the one that they and their client had in their heads?

We have the answers
All of these questions and many more will be answered in this practical workshop led by Keith Moss.

Keith, who has worked at the top of his industry for over 20 years, will be joined by renowned fashion designer Kate Fearnley who will give a unique insight in to the mind of the person who creates the clothes and buys the photography.

The myths of the industry will be dispelled through candid, behind the scenes, discussions with professional make-up artists, stylists and models who are all highly important contributors to the creation of great fashion photography.

This will be followed by a live shoot where the participants, with their own cameras, will have the rare opportunity to photograph the models wearing Kate Fearnley’s latest collection, supported by a team of stylists and make-up artists.

Keith and Kate will give technical and creative feedback to the delegates as they develop the skills needed to become a successful fashion photographer throughout the shoot.

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